What We Offer


Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions are customized to meet your specific needs. We assess your individual style and strengths, and then build upon them to help you reach your full potential as a presenter.
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Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching sessions are customized to give participants comprehensive and powerful presentation skills. We offer verbal and video feedback for maximum results.
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Large Group Coaching

Large group sessions are designed to give participants a virtual toolbox of techniques that can be used to create compelling speeches, persuasive sales presentations, and dynamic TV and radio appearances.
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Urgent Help

Just found out you're on the Today Show tomorrow? No matter what last minute speaking situation you're presented with, there's no need to panic. Help is on the way.
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Author Book Tours

No matter where your book tour takes you around the world, we can help with everything from in-store promotions and book signings to live TV and radio appearances.
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Customer Service

Never underestimate the power of stellar Customer Service. Communicating effectively to your customers is one of the keys to making your business successful. Learning how to go that “step beyond” will set you apart from your competitors, and help you reach your full potential as a business. Learn More.

Executive Speech Coaching

Leading an executive retreat, board meeting, sales presentation or motivational seminar can be a high stakes challenge, because you are the face of your entire company. Learn techniques on how to take on this challenge powerfully and successfully.
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Keynote Speeches

We've all been to those dinners where the keynote speaker is dreadfully boring, and we want to make sure that you are not that speaker!  Learn the highly specialized skills and techniques involved in creating and delivering a successful keynote speech.
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Leadership Skills

Some people believe the old adage that “Leaders are born, not made.”
We believe that leadership is a skill that can be learned, and through effective training, managers can be taught to be powerful and inspirational leaders.
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Media Training

Whether you're on TV, radio, or webcam, or being interviewed for a magazine or newspaper, we can help you prepare. From finding the right words and sound bites to choosing the right wardrobe, we coach you from start to finish, so that your every media appearance is an absolute success.
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Presentation Skills

When it comes to giving a presentation, you need to be at your best every time—there's no room for second chances. Whether you're leading a small group meeting or presenting in front of a large audience, we can provide you with the best content, structure, delivery and visuals to make your presentation shine.
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Public Speaking

There is both an art and skill to public speaking, and once you master these, you are on your way to becoming a great public speaker. Learn how to transform stress into power and achieve ultimate success in all of your speaking engagements. Learn More.

Sales Presentations

Enhance your sales presentations by learning Master Selling Skills, The Art of Persuasion, and The Keys to Relationship Selling. Experience superior results from both verbal and video feedback.
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