Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching sessions are designed to teach participants effective and comprehensive presentation skills. Individual strengths are assessed as participants learn the essential tools to creating and delivering successful presentations in every situation.

Participants are encouraged to prepare a presentation prior to the workshop, whether it is in the form of a speech, selling skills presentation or media interview.

In order to maximize results and allow for personalized verbal and video feedback, we offer small group coaching to groups no larger than 10 individuals.

Small Group Coaching includes:

  • Individual Assessments
  • Practice sessions
  • Video Feedback

You will learn strategies to:

  • Create compelling openings, closings and sound bites
  • Organize presentations for maximum impact
  • Optimize presentations in any situation
  • Use subtle, persuasive non-verbal and verbal skills
  • Turn nervous energy into positive energy
  • Read your audience
  • Use effective visual aids / PowerPoint
  • Think on your feet in pressure situations
  • Master Q & A sessions